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Jewish History Websites

As a subscriber to InterJed, I saw this interesting posting of Jewish history websites, and thought it might be hepful to our AJLSC members.   Note, it is not comprehensive. /AJLSC Webchair

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Email (copied with permission):

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Just FYI.  Below are some Weblinks on general Jewish and American Jewish history that I pulled together in response to a query on the LookJed list.  Not comprehensive, but I thought they may be of interest to Inter-Jed folks also.  I’m not familiar with them in depth, but the PBS site has lesson plans with background, questions, and project suggestions.

Shavua tov,

Larry Laufman, Ed.D.


JEWISH HISTORY – GENERAL Jewish Literacy: Jewish History

A Timeline of Jewish History

Hebrew University Dinur Center for Research in Jewish History
Jewish History Resource Center

History of the Jewish People

Internet Ancient History Sourcebook: Israel

Internet Jewish History Sourcebook

Internet Medieval Sourcebook: Medieval Jewish Life – selected sources

Jerusalem Archeological Park

JESNA Jewish History Websites

Jewish Agency for Israel
Department for Jewish Zionist Education:  Jewish History Timelines

Jewish Genealogy Search


Jewish Women’s Archive

Public Broadcasting System: Heritage: Civilization and the Jews
(support for the PBS series, but it includes historical timeline, resources, and lesson plans)
The series is available as DVD-ROM, but that has a second supporting website with additional resources:


350 Years of American Jewish History

American Jewish Archives

American Jewish Committee Archives

American Jewish Historical Society

Hebrew University Dinur Center for Research in Jewish History
Jewish History Resource Center: Links Related to American Jewish History ( a lot!)

JESNA American Jewish History list of Websites

Jewish American History on the Web

Jewish American Society for Historic Preservation

Jewish Labor Committee

Statue of Liberty – Ellis Island Foundation


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