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NOTE TO THE PUBLIC: This is a convenient one-stop access via the Internet to local library catalogs with Judaic holdings. Click on the blue library name and peruse their catalogs. To view an item, call or go to the Library; to borrow an item, ask first about the circulation policy.

NOTE TO LIBRARIES: The bracketed data may aid those librarians interested in copy cataloging. For details on schemes, headings, and standards, see Resources for Cataloging below.

 American Jewish University Library, Los Angeles (formerly University of Judaism) [LC/LCSH]

• County of Los Angeles Public Library, Los Angeles [Dewey/LCSH]

• Hebrew Union College-JIR, Frances-Henry Library, Los Angeles [LC/LCSH]

• Los Angeles Public Library, Los Angeles [Dewey/LCSH] (Note: This includes their foreign language books in Hebrew, Yiddish, et al.)

• Sinai Temple, Blumenthal Library, Los Angeles (Secular = Dewey/Sears; Judaica = Elazar/LCSH-JS) (Note: Sinai’s “Integrated Subject Heading List” is available for purchase)

• Simon Wiesenthal Center-Museum of Tolerance, Library & Archives, Los Angeles [LC/LCSH]

• UCLA Library – Jewish Studies (University of California at Los Angeles), Los Angeles [LC/LCSH]

Burton Sperber Jewish Community Library (at American Jewish University), Bel Air [Elazar]

• Valley Beth Shalom Library, Encino [Secular = Dewey/Sears; Judaica = Elazar/LCSH-JS]

[Key to classification schemes/subject headings: Dewey = Dewey Decimal System; Elazar = A Classification System for Libraries of Judaica, by Elazars; LC = Library of Congress Classification; LCSH = Library of Congress Subject Headings; LCSH-JS = Library of Congress Subject Headings in Jewish Studies; Sears = Sears Subject Headings.]


Resources for Cataloging

Classification Schemes and Subject Heading Lists:

Central Cataloging Services for Judaica Libraries Subject Heading List

Dewey Decimal System

A Classification System for Libraries of Judaica by Elazar, updated May 31, 2013.

Library of Congress Classification and Library of Congress Subject Headings

Library of Congress Subject Headings in Jewish Studies
[out-of-print but still available. Contact: Yossi Galron]

Weine Classification Scheme for Judaica Libraries, Relative Index, and Subject Headings, 9th edition, revised 2013. (Available free to download from AJL>Resources>Member Resources; or buy a printed bound copy from

Other Cataloging Standards and Issues:

AACR2 2006 Revision [Anglo-American Cataloging Rules: ALA Bookstore Web page > Cataloging & Classification]

MARC 21 [MARC = Machine Readable Cataloging – a standard for all cataloging records]

Z39.50 Gateway to Library Catalogs [standard for different computer systems to retrieve information from one another – For more info see About the Z39.50 Gateway]

ALA-LC Romanization Tables: Transliteration Schemes for Non-Roman Scripts [including Hebrew and Yiddish]

Library of Congress – for Librarians & Archivists