Governance & Bylaws

Governance        AJLSC Council Photos

In 2006, AJLSC was incorporated as a California public benefit, nonprofit corporation. Its governing body is the AJLSC Council, composed of nine members of the Board of Directors, serving two-year terms, who elect its Officers and Advisory Committee members, in accordance with its Bylaws.   AJLSC has been granted tax exempt status by the Internal Revenue Service and the California Franchise Tax Board.

The following have served as Presidents of AJLSC:

Judy Cohn
(2006-2012)Haim Gottschalk

Ellen Cole
Judy Katz

Ronda Rose

Rachel Glasser
(1993-1996)Susan Dubin

Fran Shuster

Rita Frischer

Marjorie Gersh
(1979-1981)Adaire Klein

Barbara Leff

Grace Friedman

Betty Sheffner
(1970-1971)Diane Weinstein

Leah Rubin

Dorothy Schroeder